Stacking Rings; the series concept.

These rings consist of multiple bands that are worn together as a group. Each band can be Silver, Gold or Platinum. The two outer bands are usually a smooth finish and form 'book-ends' to the rest of the group. The central bands can be textured, smooth or patterned; sometimes with stones mounted on them to form a coherent and exciting combination of form, pattern and colour.

Stacking Rings; patterned bands, without stones:

The first Stacking Rings that I made were simply collections of bands without stones. They originated from wire pattered rings found in Middle Eastern and Pacific jewellery cultures. I set about de-constructing these rings into separate bands each with either smooth forms, textured surfaces or wire patterns that could be worn together in different combinations.

'Stacking Ring' in 18K gold with no stones
A commissioned Stacking Ring in mixed metals
'A Stacking Ring' in mixed metals no stone
'Stacking Ring' in silver and gold no stone
'Stacking Ring' with square outer bands and centre waves in mixed metals
A seven band Stacking Ring in 18K yellow gold
'Stacking Ring' in mixed metals for Mrs Robinsons commission
'Stacking Ring' muti patterned in mixed metals, no stones
'A six bang Stacking Ring' muti patterned in mixed metals, no stones

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