Loop Rings.

These rings have been developed from the earlier Pierced Ring series. The motivation for this new series was the desire to allow larger stones to be set in a band with a maximum width of approximately 12mm.

Development of the Loop Ring series.

Three versions of the Loop Ring evolved; one with a (symmetrical) geometry with loops extending to both edges. The second has loops predominantly on one side, (non-symmetrical), the opposite side having a straighter edge enabling it to be be worn along side a separate band; as in image four. The third option is a smaller and more delicate version of the non-symmetrical ring as shown in image seven.

Loop Ring in silver with Aqua-marine stones in yellow gold settings
Large 'Loop Ring' in 18K gold with seven mixed stones
Large 'Clam shell ring' in 18K gold with small rubies and a diamond
An asymmetrical 'Loop Ring' as an Engagement ring with blue Sapphire and diamonds together with wedding band
Large 'Loop Ring' in 18K gold with diamond and two pink Sapphires
Large 'Loop Ring' in 18K gold with diamond, Aqua-marines and a blue sapphire
A fine Loop Ring with seven diamonds together with a wedding band. All made in 18K white gold
Large 'Pierced Ring' in 18K gold with diamonds and single Ruby
Commissioned Loop Ring with pink Sapphire and five diamonds
'Loop ring' with a 1.00ct. Diamond and smooth wedding band
Giant clam shell ring with large Aqua-marine
Extended 'Loop Ring' with single pink Sapphire

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