Pierced Rings.

The first example below was my original pierced ring design and it was from this that the whole series evolved. The design remains popular because the number, and to some extent the size of the stones, can be varied. I have made rings with a cluster of seven small diamonds as well as examples where the stones extend around the whole circumference.

Other examples include client led variations on the theme.

Original 'Pierced Ring' in matt finished gold with small diamonds
'Pierced Ring' in silver with small blue Sapphires
'Two Pierced Rings' one in gold and one in silver with gold starfish
'Pierced Ring' in 18K yellow gold with small diamonds
Commissioned 'Pierced Ring' with with Tourmaline, starfish and small diamonds
'Pierced Ring' with starfish and Tsavorites stones
'Pierced ring' with diamonds and small Ruby
Extended 'Pierced Ring' with large pink Sapphire
Extended 'Pierced Ring' with large pink Sapphire

End of this selection.