Rings with an architectural element

This is a series of rings with structural features taken from an architectural repertoire; things like scrolls, pedestals and flutes.

Rings with an architectural theme.

This is a relatively new series and these are some early pieces. There are two examples of commissioned rings which expanded the possibilities of this series but I intend to follow up with some new additions in the future.

Pedestal Ring with silver shank and 18K gold stone setting with Paraiba like Tourmaline from Africa
Pedestal Ring in 18K yellow gold with Rubellite and small accent diamond
Pedestal Ring in 18K and 22ct. yellow gold with an octagon cut Emerald and four diamonds
Ionic Scroll Ring with silver shank and an Amethyst set in 18K gold
Scroll Ring with silver shank and a Citrine set in 18K gold
 A fluted shank ring in silver and a moon face carved into an Indian moonstone and set in 18K yellow gold

A small collection of rings with an architectural theme.

A collection of four rings with features influenced by architectural structures

End of this selection.