Engagement Rings / Wedding sets - a brief history.

The traditional purpose of the engagement ring was to announce the intention of marriage and dates back to ancient Roman times. In those days two rings were given; one in gold to wear in public and another in iron to be used when conducting household chores. However, I wouldn't recommend suggesting that as a option these days.

In the late thirties the diamond engagement ring was popularised by De Beers who arguably created the most successful ad campaign ever. Diamonds, however are still popular, along with fancy Sapphires, but the concept of the engagement ring has now become much more relaxed. I like to think that this is reflected below in the diverse range of designs I have made as engagement rings or wedding sets for my customers.

'Fine Loop Ring' with 7 diamonds and a wedding band all in 18K white gold
Elli's platinum engagement ring with diamond
Engagement ring with Sapphire and and two trilliant cut diamonds
Joyce's Engagement ring and wedding band in platinum
'Fine Loop Ring' with Lilac Sapphire
Engagement ring in 18K yellow gold with princess cut diamond for Carol Ann
Three stone ring in rose gold with a 1ct diamond and two trilliant cut Aqua-marines.
White and Rose gold wedding set with princess cut diamond
 A rose gold wedding band and engagement ring with yellow diamond
A 1ct. diamond ring for Ann
A three diamond engagement ring with wedding band
A wedding band and a Fine Loop Ring in 18K yellow gold with oval blue/green Tourmaline
Commissioned rings with textured finish and mauve Sapphire for Mark
Engagement Rings with concentric sloped setting with diamonds
Five diamond channel set engagement ring and wedding band in 18K yellow gold

Engagement Rings - a brief history, continued.

One of the issues with a great many engagement rings is that they do not sit comfortably next to a wedding band. This particularly applies to rings with big claw set clusters and some solitaires. However, I feel this is an issue and consideration should be given to each design ensuring that the engagement ring and accompanying wedding band sit elegantly against each other. Some would argue that the two rings together should look more complete than they do singly, as in images 9,12,13,&14 above.

Something a bit different for an Engagement Ring or Wedding Band.

Things have now come full circle; engagement rings and wedding bands have now become expressions of individual taste and lifestyle, as well as the symbol of love, loyalty and fidelity. The selection below would indicate that couples want something different to the mass produced choice one increasingly finds in large retailers.

Large 'Loop Ring' with five stones
Nicola's 'Coiled Ring'
Giant clam shell ring with diamonds
1.00ct. Sapphire engagement ring with wedding band
0.25 cts.of diamonds in a 'Fine Loop' engagement ring with wedding band
Loop Ring with 1.00ct Diamond and smooth wedding band
Ruby Engagement ring and wedding band, textured finish

End of this selection.