Necklaces with Opal.

Whilst Opals require great care, their popularity as a semi-precious stone has been long lived. Unfortunately it still arouses superstitious emotions in some people. However, for most, Opals are a mysterious and beautiful gift of nature,

Examples of necklaces designed around beatiful Opals.

Gold necklace with Opals and small diamonds on handmade gold-work

An Opal neacklace with an Argentina-Rhodochrosite central stone.

large gold necklace with milky Opal beads and an Argentina-Rhodochrosite central stone

An Opal neacklace with marine themed motifs.

18k gold marine motifs on Opal spherical beads
Opal bead necklace with handmade yellow gold spacers
Opal bead necklace with a free-form Opal centerpiece

A necklace of faceted, Ethiopian Opal beads with a greenish colour and a pink tourmaline central stone to complement the reds in the Opal.

Ethiopian boulder Opal bead necklace with pink Tourmaline

Two examples of necklaces with Opal and complementary stones.

Complementary stones can be fresh water Pearls or Carnelian as in the examples below. However, numerous other semi-precious materials are available, in a variety of colours and shapes.

Necklace with Ethiopian Opal centerpiece and pink fresh-water Pearls
Opal pendant on cornelien lens shaped beads

Two examples of necklaces with different types of Opal.

These two necklaces both have Opal as their central feature. One has Australian boulder Opal the other has Andian Opal.

Boulder Opal 'Munich Muse' necklace with chinese Turquoise beads
Necklace with Andean Opal and gold Pectoral on grey fresh-water Pearls

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