Other necklaces that do not fall into a general ongoing theme.

These necklaces often come about because of a spontaneous purchase of a string of distinctive beads or the acquisition of a set of legacy stones. Or sometimes as a result of a line of exploration for a new technique or design theme.

Two very large necklaces.

These two large necklaces are one off pieces designed around a set of large beads, bought spontaneously in the past and may not be exactly repeatable.

Large necklace with handmade silver beads, reclaimed Copal beads and cornelian rondelles beads.
Large necklace with handmade silver beads and round shards of Turquoise.

A large silver necklace.

This large necklaces was a one off pieces designed in silver. It was inspired by my marine themed pieces; the pierced work in the necklace sections evoked by the erosive nature of the sea.

Large silver necklace with pieced and textured segment

Two versions of silver 'Tumi' shaped pendants.

These two pendants were designs to show off a largish but not expensive stone. The silver surround was designed to encompass the ends of the chain or beads.

Silver form with Amethyst set in gold on a ribbon Snake chain
Silver form with a Marbé Pearl set in gold on grey fresh water Pearls

End of this selection.