Earrings, Symbol series.

Whilst studying the forms and talismen used in the tribal jewellery of Africa, I came across an abstracted symbol of a human figure. It originated from the nomadic Tuareg of North Africa. I adapted this symbol and developed others that would relate to it in size and form. I used these in different permutations to form a variety of necklaces and drop style earrings. The flat areas of the symbols are planished to give them a slightly convex form and to impart surface interest to the metal. They can be produced in silver, 9K or 18K gold.

Three examples of the classic symbol drop earring in three different sizes.

Symbol earrings in silver ES8
Symbol earrings in silver EM14
Symbol earrings in silver EL9

Two examples of medium sized symbol drop earring.

The first in 18K yellow with the original figure motif that inspired the series. The second example in 9K rose gold.

Figure symbol earrings in 18K yelow gold
Symbol earrings cherries on a stick in 9K gold

Examples of small and medium symbol drop earring in silver.

Symbol earrings in silver ES5
Symbol earrings in silver ES10
Symbol earrings in silver ES16
Symbol earrings in silver EM15

End of this selection.

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