Scroll Earrings with large stones.

I was thinking about the 'scroll' as a decorative element and how this crops up in many disciplines. It occurs in ancient manuscripts, illustration, metalsmithing and architecture; notably Ionic columns. This series of earrings was loosely based on the scroll form that might originate from the forge of a blacksmith. Not only is this element useful as a decorative feature to carry the earring's post and ear back fittings but it can also be adapted for use as a chain runner in a necklace or pendant.

Three examples of earrings in 18K gold with the hand rolled Scroll feature.

This provides a decorative element but also has the post fitting on the back.

Commissioned for Rosanna, Scroll earrings with Amethyst
Scroll Earrings with green Quartz
Scroll earring with Citrine

End of this selection.