Drop earrings with French wire hook fittings.

This is a new series of drop earrings which consist of a top in 18K gold with French ear wire style fittings. This also has a secure device for retaining the end of the wire hook. I have experimented with a variety of stones for this design; some examples can be reproduced, although some of the stones used are unique pairs and cannot be repeated.

A collection of drop earrings with French ear wire hook fittings.

The range of options for stone shapes and material is obviously huge. See details for each example:

Drop earrings with Montana agate
Drop earrings with Dalmatian Agates
Drop earrings with Black Agate
Drop earrings with Opal and gold chain tassles
Drop earrings with Black diamond pear drops

Examples of drop earrings incorporating smaller stones.

The same tops as above but with additional gold detail above or below the stones.

Drops earrings with Opals
Drop earrings with trilliant cut Aqua-marine
Drop earrings on 18K gold with Tanzanites
Drop earrings with fresh water pearls

End of this selection.